Open for Business

Welcome to the new bestgroceries blog.

I have wanted to create this blog for a long time as I have a personal love of gazing at market displays, examining aisle layouts, searching corner specialty shops, and studying product lines in the food-selling venues everywhere I have lived and traveled. Many of my friends have shared some of my sentiments on the subject of market layouts and products and several have listened to my commentary for too many months. It is time to start a blog!

This blog is a place where I plan to post tidbits about my favorite markets, groceries, fishmongers, produce vendors, vintners, cheese shops, etc. It is my intention to discuss the details of food display, packaging, store layout, and anything that ties into the subject (really, anything I want - this is my blog!) Plus, I look forward to reading comments from other travelers, grocery critics, and hungry people. Tell me about what you have seen and tasted!

So...to start, I have to reveal my favorites.


You just can't beat the Greenpoint Farm market in Sunnyside, Queens (on Greenpoint Ave. near intersection with 42nd St.) I really believe that they have every kind of produce you could imagine, and it's very well priced.  Many neighborhoods have this kind of market, but I am glad it is so close to home!  (Sorry, the only pic I have so far is at night!)

Fairway. Amazing coffee, great cheese selection, lots of locally-produced products, great specialty foods and gluten-free selection. The prices are great. (I don't usually go for the produce, mostly b/c of Greenpoint Farm.)  Four locations, but my fav is in Red Hook - it is right on the water, has a great view during sunset.

I am really lucky to live where I do, 'cause there is also a great fishmonger - The Fish House, on 42nd, between Greenpoint and 48th Aves. in Sunnyside, Queens. Really fresh seafood and they will de-vein shrimp while you wait.