Salty Oat Cookie

My friend Sepi took me to Teaism a few years ago and I became smitten with their Salty Oat Cookie.  I only allow myself one, 'cause if I bought a whole package, I would eat them all!  Luckily I am able to visit Washington, DC often enough to indulge in their deliciosity.

Teaism @ Dupont Circle: 2009 R Street NW, two other locations at Lafayette and Penn Quarter, I haven't been to them.

Grad School Hiatus

Beautifully-arranged Caesar salad at Le Pain Quotidien • Bakery.  Delicious, but took re-organization to actually eat.

Man, have I been MIA lately, and that's not going to change for a while.  I'm okay with it, really.  So, I am changing my format/plan to posting images of food, b/c food is so beautiful (or can be, as long as it's not hanging out in the gutter).

Two of my classy co-workers are fans of this place.  The bread is terrific, the coffee a little meh.  The communal table was very cool with clean, natural wood furniture and the products for sale near the counter were lovely.  I have to admit I was a bit tempted to buy the sea salt, but instead I tried the lemon tart.

Check it: Le Pain Quotidien (I went to the location on 7th Ave. in Chelsea, in NYC, in the US.  They are a mighty-big multi-national franchise!)