Silver Hills Bread Packaging

Hooray for great blends of design and food!

There's already quite a buzz about this bread packaging, but I just had to add it to the bestgroceries list. The re-design, by Karacters, won a Bronze Lion award in the design category at the 2009 Cannes International Advertising Festival in France. It's a great combination of playful illustration, bright colors, matte texture, and catchy titles.

Now I just want to know where to buy Silver Hills Bread in NYC. Does anyone know where it is sold? (FYI - bestgroceries is boycotting Whole Foods right now....)

P.S. There's a Kamut product here: it's called "The King's Kamut."
P.P.S. Enjoying Karacter's Klog (that's their blog).


Sushi Avenue

If you shop for sushi at CUB Foods, The Wedge, Lakewinds Natural Foods, Central Market, Festival, or ACME grocery stores, you might be seeing the products of Sushi Avenue in the chilled sushi section. I recently discovered their potstickers at the Garden of Eden store on 23rd Street between 6th and 7th Avenues in Manhattan. Cute logo. Looked local--but I was about to learn it wasn't.

Searching for this product online, I discovered that Sushi Avenue of Eagan, Minnesota, prepares and packages sushi plates, party trays, sides, salads, and spring rolls for many stores. At the time, I knew that the sides, like these potstickers, were prepared remotely, but I didn’t know the Spicy Rolls and Sushicado were as well. Good to know.

I must admit: the potstickers were a bit dry--but perhaps this is why they are no longer an option on Sushi Avenue. Maybe this was a result of the travel time between Eagan and New York.