Spiced Up Carrots

On an adventure at the Chelsea Organic Market (a corner grocery gone organic on the Northwest corner of 7th Ave. and 20th St. in New York) I stumbled upon Danielle's Spicy Carrot Chips. I had a cold, so I was also stocking up on some Yogi echinacea tea, but I thought the spice factor would be a bonus sinus-clearer.

Danielle's packaging was very pleasing, with a white background and a lovely sketch of a bunch of carrots. Their other crispy dried fruit and vegetable products were all similarly decorated and exotic sounding.

Result: delicious and colorful on the inside. Although I found them quite tasty, 2 out of 3 workmates did not enjoy them. I would certainly buy them again and I would try the other flavors.

Check out a couple of other reviews of this line of products: iateapie.net and cool hunting.

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